Beyond Quantum Healing

Beyond Quantum Healing

Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis refers to a modified version of the Original Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Each practitioner applies their own unique techniques that go above and beyond the original QHHT technique. Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis also includes long-distance and online / Remote sessions.

Sometimes, if guided, I might bring other healing modalities into the session, such as communication with your Soul Team, (ART)- AGE Regression Therapy, (PLT)- Past Life Regression Therapy, (BLRT)- Between Lives Regression Therapy, (SRT)- Spirit Releasement Therapy, (NLP)- Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Pranic Crystal Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Sound Healing, Chakra Balancing, Tuning Forks, Tibetan Singing Bowles, With BQH anything goes!

By incorporating these other modalities and skills, we work with your Soul Team which includes your High Self, the Angelic Realm, High Guides, Ascended Masters, High Ancestors, and/or High Dimensional Beings to release old thought patterns and blockages (past, heritage, concurrent, and lineage), bringing all aspects of the Self into alignment to restore and cultivate healing and inner peace within the Self, lineage, and connection to Universal Consciousness and Source.

Before each session, you will decide which questions you would like answered, try to prioritize them. You will bring those questions to your session. Think about your intention for the session - what would you most like to get out of it. I would recommend that 3-6 days before your session, you spend time each day meditating or listen to some guided visualization meditations. Guided visualization is good for building the " spiritual muscles " that you will be using during your session. The two of us will have a conversation to discuss your questions, for me to learn more about you, and why you want a session. Next, we begin the BQH - Beyond Quantum Healing - hypnosis session that may last up to 4 - 6 hours. This is followed by a brief (up to 30 minutes) conversation to begin to unpack and decode the wisdom and experiences you have within the hypnosis session.

BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) is a heart-based, intention-based method of healing that was founded by Candace Craw-Goldman, and is the the evolution of the work of the legendary Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique (QHHT) of the late great Delores Cannon. BQH involves hypnosis and deep relaxation to explore current, “past” and “future” lifetimes on Earth and throughout the multiverse. The client connects with aspects of self, including the Higher Self, Subconscious or Super-conscious, Spirit Guides, Angels, High Counsels, Ascended Masters, Star Families, Source, other lifetimes, parallel lifetimes and other benevolent beings in order to gain knowledge, find healing, and receive guidance for questions and issues in the current lifetime. Anything is possible within a BQH session! You will be shown exactly what you need and what is in your highest good at this time in your current life. You may even receive wisdom from your future self as an Ascended Master! What is your life purpose? What are the lessons you set up for yourself in this life? Who is in your current life that was present in other lifetimes? What physical, mental, emotional or energetic limitations, challenges or traumas are present in your current life that you would like to heal or transcend? What relationships are causing you issues or questions? What life path or career is most beneficial for you as we move into the New Earth? What guidance does your Soul impart? Any question from the mundane to the multi-dimensional is appropriate in a BQH session!

Sessions are typically 4-6 hours long. This is a time commitment that shows your intention of evolving, integrating and moving forward in alignment with your Soul's purpose in this present life. During an in-person session, you will be reclining on a comfortable massage table.

You will be gently guided into a hypnotic state. And by the way, hypnosis is simply deep relaxation or meditation that you naturally reach several times during your day! Some will remember much of the session. Others will not remember much at all. It all depends on what your spiritual team designs for your highest good! There is always a perfect orchestration of events!

Before the session, Make sure you've had plenty to eat beforehand, as a session can be quite long - but don't eat too much that you are uncomfortable or sleepy. Try not to have to much caffeine. Alcohol or non - prescription drugs are a Not recommended. I will ask you to make a list of questions you would like answers to. A typical amount of questions is 10 – 15, but is highly variable. There will also be a pre-session interview where we discuss you, your issues, your questions and your intentions for the session. And don't worry if you can't think of that many questions! I will have plenty to insert based on our interview and your intentions for the session. Sessions will be recorded for future listening and further integration of guidance, healing and “downloads”. You will often be given “homework” from your team!

After the session, we will have a post-session interview where we discuss findings and how much you remember. Sometimes memory of a hypnosis session is fleeting, like our dreams, so the recording is a good way to keep all the information for future use!

*Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)*

Beyond Quantum Healing uses consciousness exploration to reconnect with your Higher Self’s wisdom and access deep levels of healing for your mind, body and soul.

‘Consciousness exploration’, as ‘past life regression’ doesn’t quite cover it. It certainly began that way, but today, many people also experience parallel lives, future lives, lives on other planets or dimensions, different times in their current life, or even between lives on the ‘spirit’ level. Or any combination! There are no limits – you will have the experience that your Higher Self thinks most appropriate according to your intention for the session. Even though I will fully support and guide you throughout, your Higher Self is very much in the driver’s seat.

Your Higher Self is the source of all your wisdom and knowledge, the larger part of you that is connected to (and part of) the consciousness of Source, the Universe, God, All That Is. Your Higher Self knows exactly where you are in relation to all that you desire, and understands all of your blocks and issues – and exactly how to heal and clear them. BQH allows you to tap into that infinite wisdom and healing to transform your life.

What Can BQH Help With?

Health concerns, mental and emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, addictions, confidence and self-worth issues - there are no limits as to what BQH can help with. It can help you gain clarity on your life’s purpose and how you can align fully with it, and how to bring about and integrate big life changes. You can explore your soul’s origins and solve mysteries that have always puzzled you.

What Questions Can I Ask?

There is nothing that is off limits. Here are some examples:

* What is my life’s purpose?
* Why do I suffer from [health issue] and how do I clear it?
* What are my main blocks?
* Who do I have a strained relationships with …?
* What career should I be following?
* Is this move right for me?
* Why do I struggle with my weight?
* Why do I struggle with ….?
* When will I meet my soulmate?
* How many past lives have I had?

What Can I Expect from a BQH Session?

A BQH session can be held either in-person or over the internet - Telegram Video Call – the choice is yours. There is no difference in the quality and length of the session whichever you choose. In-person sessions are held in Cape Town, South Africa - or out call in the comfort of your home ( i go to you )

Remote sessions are usually conducted over Telegram Video Call, which you can freely download. You will receive an audio recording after the session. The beauty of this wonderful modality and of technology today is that we can connect from anywhere in the world.

Please contact me to schedule your BQH session.
Cost R 1500

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