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Atlantean Power Rods / Atlantean Power Wands are Available in 2 sizes ( 22mm diameter thickness and 14/15mm diameter )

and rods are Made from 100% Genuine Leather, Natural Clear Quartz and Copper. Each Item is Hand Made and then Programed to only work for you. Energetically Programmed and Energized with Love and Light. All items are lovingly Crafted and Created by a Master Teacher - Healer / Shaman / Light Worker - Light Warrior.

Items can be shipped or couriered Nationally and Internationally. ( courier fee depending on your location, country of origin.

DHL. speed post 3-5 days . estimate , or ( Postnet 2 Postnet * SA - South Africa R100 + - two to three working days )

After you placed your order, the item / s will be hand made, and energized ( 3 - 7 Days ) you will receive a email to say ( thanx for your order, your order is being processed , then you will receive another email to say your order has been processed and has been sent, with relevant *Tracking information. )

The Atlantean Power Rods / Atlantean Power Wands, were brought to the Planet Earth long before the time of Atlantis. Even at the peak of this civilization, only a few Priests, Kings, Doctors and Soldiers had access to the Rods and Power Staffs. These people where capable of projecting Universal Force or creative energies into the so-called physical dimension. Though they were far more advanced mentally than our present society, these people still did not evolve beyond arrogant power games. The destruction that resulted from the abuse in that age is so far lost in the past that it is only spoken of today as an ancient myth, the lost continent preceding the Days of Atlantis.

Atlantis may be closer to us, but not by much.

*** Healers and Warriors ***

These are the tools of the healers and warriors. It may sound like a contradiction or an unlikely combination, but the Greatest Healers are often also the most Powerful warriors. The difference is a matter of polarity, because the supper science for both is based on the same forces of the Universe. The common denominator, whether considered as all one energy or as varying states of matter, is still an understanding of the process of creation / destruction. Positive or Negative, the energy is action flows the same regardless of the result.

Good or Bad is a question of personal opinion and judgment. The action of the healer can be based on positive or negative energy equally. If a broken bone needs mending, the flow of universal energy is definitely of a positive nature. However, if the problem is a destructive virus or germ infection, the flow of universal energy is of a negative nature, since it is intended to destroy the organism causing the disease.

In the same way of the warrior, the energy can easily be either positive or negative. A soldier, armed with a Atlantean War Rod, will try to disrupt the flow of the life force of the enemy, a definitely negative action. However, the reason can well be to prevent the enemy from oppressing the warrior's own people, a positive action.

In expressing life and growth, the healer and warrior are one and the same. Both the healer and the warrior embody the forces of creation and destruction at the same time. With the understanding and operation of Power Rods and Staffs, the individual becomes responsible for the uses to which their power is directed, whether for good or for evil.

Power is an expression we should explore in a little more detail. The concept of personal, Individual power is of particular intrest to us here. In our present time, power is associated with the acquisition of billions of $, a business empire, or even the tax money empire of the government. This is merely a myth. The Achievement of fame as a means to power is a myth in its own way also. "POWER" achieved through wealth and / or fame is artificial because is depends upon other people to feed it.

Look back at the Ancient past at the Atlantean Priest/Scientist. A Priest or Priestess of that time could, and often did, separate personal power from the people. Standing high on a mountain top in a new land, they had just as much personal power as they possessed in a rich city surrounded by people.

Cost: If you order through email or whatsapp 0764559916 you then get a *20%* discount ( if I order It get it - *20%* off, so thats then, ( R2880 ) - for a atlantean power rod/wand (including postage).

Atlantean Power Rod / Wand:
Cost: R3656.19
Image Top - Atlantean Power Rod / Wand & Protective Leather Pouch Hand Stitch.

Atlantean Power Rod
Cost: R3656.20
Image Left Top - Atlantean Power Rod / Wand & Protective Leather Pouch Hand Stitch.
Image Right Top - Protective Leather Pouch ( Native American Leather Stich)

Atlantean Power Rod / Wand:

Cost: R3656.19
Image Top Left - Atlantean Power Rod & Leather Protective Pouch.
Image Top Right - Atlantean Power Rod / Wand inside the Protective Leather Pouch.

Atlantean Power Rod / Wand:
Cost: R3656.19
Image Top Left - Atlantean Power Rod & Protective Leather Pouch.
Image Top Right - Atlantean Power Rod inside Protective Leather Pouch.

Lemurian Energy Balancing Rod: Available in Two Sizes "L" and "S"
"L" = Large , One Large Lemurian Energy Balancing Rod & Protective Leather Pouch.
"S" = Small, Two Lemurian Energy Balancing Rods & Protective Leather Pouch.
Cost: " L " R3401.53 for x1
Cost: " S " R3219,63 for x2

Atlantean Personal Shield Generator:
Cost: R909.50
Atlantean Personal Shield Generator & Protective Leather Pouch.

Atlantean Power Rod" Double Crystal's " / Wand:
Cost: R4183.70
Atlantean Power rod / Wand with Protective Leather Pouch.

Atlantean Force Knife / Excalibur:
Cost: R4183.70
Atlantean Force Knife / Excalibur & Protective Carry Leather Pouch

Description Of The Images:

The Atlantean Power Rod / Wand is a very simple device, physically, mentally and emotionally, it is the essence of the of the Ancient Super-Science. Most of the Healing Rods have brown leather wrapping, the warrior or combat rods have black leather wrapping. Some Rods have a single crystal point and a capped end and others have two crystals one on each end of the Atlantean Power Rods / Wands. It has a hollow tube which acts as an Energy Accumulator, or Funnel, the leather is an Insulator, and the crystal acts as an Energy Transducer, Capacitor, and focus for the beam of energy ( Subatomic Particles ) .

As Soon as the Rod / Wand is made and construction, consecration, energizing and programing is done - " it begins functioning in the passive mode, radiating energy in all directions from the crystal." The minute it is picked up by it's operator, it continues to operate in the same manner. When the operator focuses it by pointing and thinking / visualizing, a blue-white ray of energy, it beams in that direction from the point of the Quartz Crystal at the end. Thought switches the device from passive radiating energy to an active energy beam. Intensity and distance of the beam are determined by a combination of thoughts amplified by the emotions of the individual operator.

At first, these concepts may appear to be alien to us. But for many people, they immediately seem familiar and comfortable. These concepts and procedures are in harmony and balance with the inner teachings of most major philosophies. They also compare favorably with the principles of positive thinking and visualization involved in many present-day self-improvement courses. It is basic and simple-what the individual operator thinks and feels becomes the results. Although universal in scope and action, energy-wise the responsibility is definitely a personal one.

These tools are Advanced and Sophisticated, rather than complex.

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