Angelic Reiki ~ The Shine of Enlightenment

Angelic Reiki ~ The Shine of Enlightenment.

Apprentice on the transcending combination of Reiki with Angelic Energy and explore the wonders of Angelic Spiritualism.

What you'll learn:

Be attuned to Angelic Reiki! Learn 3 Angelic Symbols! Learn and practice Angelic Spiritual Techniques! Experience "The Wings of the Archangels" Empowerment. Be able to teach this upgrade to others and attune them to the Angelic Reiki. Learn the "Angelic Sight" technique! Learn what the 4 Angelic Sigils are how to work with them! Experience guided meditations to work with your Guardian Angel and travel through the Angelic Realm. Learn about the Golden Angelic Ray.


You will need to be a practitioner or master of any Reiki System to receive this upgrade.


Explore the transcending world of the Angels and be attuned to the sacred combination of Reiki, with the Angelic Ray of profound wisdom.

Through your apprenticeship in this course, you will receive information about the Golden Angelic Ray and its combination with Reiki, about the Angelic Realm and you will learn Spiritual Angelic Techniques, which will help you elevate your practice and provide you help in all aspects of spiritual growth and energy healing.

You will also learn 3 Angelic Symbols, which you will be able to use in all of your spiritual practices, meditations and energy healings. Lastly, your attunement will be complimented by a self-activated Empowerment ~ “The Wings of the Archangels”.

Through the course you will also find 3 guided meditations, one which will help you travel to the Angelic Realm and experience the 9 Angelic Orders, one which will help you build a stronger connection and level of communication with your Guardian Angel and one which will help you activate your "Wings of Archangels" Empowerment!

Angels, are the purest beings that one may discover in the entire existence. Defined by selflessness and able to refrain themselves from all emotions, Angels are the best and wisest consultants of life.

Cost: R2900

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