Atlantian Reiki & Lemurian Light ~ Grand-Master Level

Atlantian Reiki & Lemurian Light ~ Grand-Master Level.

Fulfill your Attunements to the ancient energies from the continents of the divine wisdom!

What you'll learn

Receive your final attunement to the sacred Energies. Learn the 4 Symbols of the Harmonic Elements. Learn a Grand Master Symbol. Receive 5 new Empowerments.


You need to have completed the practitioner and master levels of this upgrade.


Through this third and final level of the Lemurian Light and Reiki of the Atlantians upgrade, you will receive the fulfilment of your Attunement, on the sacred energies from the continents of the divine wisdom.

In this level you will learn about the 5 Essences that constitute your Soul and receive the information you need so to understand them, unlock them and liberate them. These 5 Essences are: Word, Spirit, Presence, Mind & Consciousness. Through this final level you shall experience 5 new Empowerments, one, for each of the 5 essences that constitute your Soul, which have a purpose to help manifest unification, understand and reveal your One and True Identity.

With your attunement, you shall receive initiation to 5 new Symbols ~ The 4 symbols of the Harmonic Elements and the Grand Master Symbol, which combines the energies of Lemurian Light and Atlantian Reiki. Finally, through the teachings of the Ascended Masters, you will experience an apprenticeship of soul awakening, which has as purpose to lead you to freedom and inner peace.

Your dedication throughout these 3 levels will be rewarded with the blessings of the Masters, as they always accompany you, in every moment, in every situation, in every life.

Cost: R2900

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