The Cacao Spirit is a keeper of ancient, sacred wisdom. The spiritual dimension is described as a medicine of the Soul, a medicine of Peace and as a Rainbow Medicine. Most indigenous peoples regard the Cacao Spirit as a feminine force and associate her powers with the emotional body, the voice and a way to communicate with Spirit. Mama Cacao holds the vibrations of kindness, unconditional love, and joy, allowing a loving connection with yourself and others. Cacao's energy is healing, motherly and very gentle. Mama Cacao speaks to the heart. When we connect with the heart’s energy our voice may speak from a place of deeper intelligence carrying vibrations of peace.

A Cacao Ceremony is a sacred ancient ritual to honour the elements and spirits of Nature, to create a harmonious matrix with all living beings and express gratitude for Life itself. A Ceremony is a way of the heart and reflects humanity's sacred connection and relationship with the land and the (un)seen worlds. Cacao Ceremonies respond to an increasing longing for connection, ritual and ceremony in an urban environment. When offered with integrity you may feel love and experience yourself beyond cultural, religious and political agenda as a child of Earth. The Cacao Tribe is growing; people gather in Circle, with kindness, to drink a cup of Chocolate together and celebrate the life's ceremony.

The Cacao Mother is unique in her alchemy and works through feeling, a loving intelligence and the intuition differently with everyone.

Sometimes she envelopes you, opens your heart and leads you into radiant landscapes. Sometimes she is a teacher helping you to see things more clearly. Sometimes she is a friend who tells you when it's time to let go, to surrender, or to fly off. Her energy can be healing, soothing, connecting, deepening, releasing or creative. But Cacao always teaches you - about balance, living a more heart-centered life and the universal laws of Nature.

Plant vibration is subtle. To align with and feel its vibration in an urban environment, you may require some quiet time and a slowing of your system and brain activity. You will be more receptive when you are relaxed. Spending time in Nature, grounding into Earth and breathing consciously will help you to connect with the present moment, which is the doorway to the spiritual dimension.

The Cacao Spirit activates the sacred Fire within assisting you in burning away old and dense energies. Cacao renews our sacred connection with Spirit and where we come from.

Cacao offers a loving embrace for the Soul. This may feel like somebody is holding you, supporting your back.

Cacao acts on the physical body, offering nutrients, minerals and feeling-good hormones. Blood circulation is accelerated up to 40%.

Mama Cacao speaks to the emotional body and the inner child. Her energy can be very gentle, very (grand)motherly, tender, and loving.

Cacao empowers the human heart. Cacao invites us to come back to a natural state of feeling (rather than over-thinking). You may feel a deep connection to the world around you. Sharing circles are supported when connected with the Heart (and voice).

In a more traditional sense the healers & shamans prepared by fasting before entering the spiritual realm of a plant. The healer shares the intention, negotiates with the plant elder & listens to what this elder expects in return. He/she makes an offering. Only then is the medicine offered to people.

You will have outstanding experiences if you ask the Cacao Spirit for its healing energies. Imagine that the Plant Spirit dwells in eternity. It simply is. Speak to her like a friend, share your intention, express words of gratitude and respect and ask the Spirit to assist you in your ritual/ceremony.


The intention is the holding and protecting container and sets the tone of your cacao ritual or ceremony. Questions you may ask yourself: Why am I sitting in Ceremony? What aspect do I wish to explore? In what area do I wish to receive clarity, ease, joy?

Here are some examples:

I receive joy.

I let go of ... to create more space for ...

I open to connect with the Spirit.

I open to receive clarity on this topic.

I open to explore creativity.

My intention is to create a space for dreaming.

My intention is get in touch with my heart.


Cacao ceremony usually involves a communal gathering with a sacred circle, music and of course, ceremonial cacao. While I notice the strongest effects of cacao in a group ceremony, I also have it daily as part of my morning ritual.

Enjoying ceremonial cacao can help you connect with your heart and be a gentle guide through transformational consciousness shifts.

I’ve tried drinking cacao with and without creating a sacred intentional space, and the difference of the effect is mind-boggling.


There isn’t a rigid formula, but here are some of the elements a cacao ceremony can involve.

Usually, a cacao ceremony is hosted by one or several people trained in preparing cacao and holding sacred space.

If you’ve been invited to a cacao ceremony and have no idea what’s about to happen, here’s what you can expect. Don’t worry, you’ll be guided through every step of the way!

Create a sacred space, often with an altar or fire in the middle

Sit in a circle and open up the circle by going around and saying your name out loud, sharing an intention or a word you’re calling in

Pour the cacao and pass it around the circle

Honor and bless the cacao

Set an intention for your cacao ceremony

Drink the sacred energized cacao

Breathwork, meditation, sound journey, dance, music – from here, it’s up to the person leading the cacao ceremony and whatever tool they prefer to use to amplify and manifest the intentions created by the participants.

Close the circle – an important part of the ceremony that invites integration of the deep spaces you may have explored during your cacao journey.

Cost: R800

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