Divine Fire Reiki

Divine Fire Reiki

Through this course you will apprentice all 3 levels of Divine Fire Reiki upgrade ~ the Practitioner, the Master and the Grand Master level. You will receive all 3 energy attunements and you will also be attuned to the 3 Symbols of this upgrade. You will also experience guided meditations, to help you discover your Soul's essence, to heal yourself and the entire cosmos with help from the "Immortal Angel" and to activate your Divine Blueprint, with help from Master Jesus Christ.

The term Divine Fire, refers to a combination of all energies from all elements of nature, of the cosmos and of the existence – the energy, which is used by the Creator, for spiritual creation. Because flame is the substance - the essence of this unique spiritual Light, this is why this upgrade is called “Divine Fire Reiki.

Learn a new healing modality and upgrade your Reiki knowledge.

Receive all 3 attunements of Divine Fire Reiki.

Become a Grand Master in spiritual and energy healing.

Learn 3 new Symbols for your energy healings and spiritual practices.

Be able to teach this upgrade to others.

Experience healing by connecting with the "Immortal Angel".

Level 1 - 3

Cost: R2900

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