Ethereal Crystals

By Kundalini Reiki founder Ole Gabrielsen

A course for becoming a Master of Ethereal Crystals.

At the end of this course you will become a master in Ethereal Crystals.

As a Master you can attune others to Ethereal Crystals and teach your own courses.


Having achieved at least the third level of Kundalini Reiki, to be a Kundalini Reiki Master.

It is recommended to have the third level of Usui Reiki, to be a Reiki Master.


This course certifies you as a Master of Ethereal Crystals.

This energy system was conceived and created by Ole Gabrielsen.

Minimum requirements, already be a level 3 Kundalini Reiki Master.

This particular system, Ethereal Crystals, consists of six levels.

You will discover the world of Etheric crystals.

Ethereal crystal is used when talking about crystals on an etheric level, not on a physical one, so this system is a healing technique with crystals but without real crystals, just energetic crystals.

You will create energetic crystals that are the same as the real ones, with the same properties.

A very beautiful and practical system, extremely simple, versatile, fast and effective system.

No symbols to learn, the key is all in the intention.

It fits perfectly into any type of holistic therapy.

You will get the necessary attunements, you’ll learn the theory and you’ll learn how to attune your future students at all six levels of Ethereal Crystals.

Are you ready to learn more and more powerful and effective energy methods?

Are you ready to step up the level in your spiritual evolution?

Cost: R2900

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