Egyptian Reiki

Egyptian Reiki

What you'll learn.

Learn about the 5 essences of the Soul!

Learn 5 new Master Symbols.

Apprentice on the sacred knowledge of the Intuitive Light!

Be attuned to Egyptian Reiki and be able to teach and heal others.

Learn about the Heart-Mind body!


Welcome to “Egyptian Reiki” course another original upgrade level of any Reiki System, through which you will receive an apprenticeship on the sacred knowledge of the intuitive light!

This course has been created through a unique combination of energies, blessings and vibrations, so to offer you an attunement which will touch and awaken all the levels of your existence.

In this upgrade level, you will receive the divinity of the Light Language and Light Codes as blessings, the attuning power of the Spoken Word, the pure and unconditional love of creation and the unique gifts of the Seven Rays provided by the Chohans of the 7 Rays, all together combined and united with the wisdom of Reiki.

Furthermore, you will explore the Egyptian Philosophy regarding spirituality and you will also learn 5 Master Symbols, that all spring from the combination of the Intuitive Light and Egyptian Reiki.

You will also receive an apprenticeship on the Heart-Mind body and you'll experience two guided meditations.

Through the first meditation you will practice on controlling your mind and through the second meditation, you will receive attuning light codes for spiritual elevation, protection and awakening in the form of blessings, through the Power of the Spoken Word.

I hope that you will find this upgrade level a valuable tool for your Reiki practice and for your spiritual apprenticeship.

Cost: R 2900

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