Orion's Light & Pleiadian Reiki ~ Master Level

Orion's Light & Pleiadian Reiki ~ Master Level.

Your Soul’s passage for elevation and communication with the Beings of Light, Spiritual Guides & Celestial Protectors.

What you'll learn

The 7 Pleiadian Rays and the Majestic Vortex they create when combined! Breath ~ The Key of Life! The benefits of channeling Orion’s Light Ray through the Majestic Vortex! New meditative technique to awake your Kundalini Energy, ground awareness on your core! New meditative technique to bring alignment and protection in your Chakra System! A new Master Symbol for healings and communication with the Beings of Light!


you must apprentice the Pleiadian Reiki Level I to follow this upgrade.


In the sequel of our collective work with the Ascended Masters and the Spiritual Beings of Light from Orion and Pleiades, we now present you the second and final attunement of this upgrade level of Usui Reiki Traditional System.

In this second level you will be introduced to the divine Rays of the Seven Pleiades and learn about the properties, abilities and benefits which they offer, through channelling and using them in your healings.

You will also learn about the Majestic Vortex, which is created through the union of the 7 Pleiadian Rays and the divine blessings which you may receive and offer to others, by channelling the Orion’s Light Ray through the Majestic Vortex of the 7 Pleiadian Rays!

Furthermore you will receive information about Breath ~ The Key of Life and learn two new meditative practices ~ 1 which includes 2 Kundalini Breathing Techniques and 1 which focuses on the alignment and protection of your Chakra System!

You will also learn a new Master Symbol, which will help you proceed with your Soul’s elevation and spiritual awakening, so to come in connection with the Beings of Light and receive their supreme wisdom, guidance and further apprenticeship.

Finally you will experience new guided meditations, to help you with your entire practice, with grounding awareness on your core and bring you in connection and communication with the Beings of Light.

The tools that you will receive through this level will empower your psychic perception, your spiritual awakening and your healing abilities. Take time to practice with these tools and to comprehend the information provided to you, so you may elevate in a smooth and fast way.

Cost: R2900

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