Orion's Light & Pleiadian Reiki ~ Practitioner Level

Orion's Light & Pleiadian Reiki ~ Practitioner Level.

Your Soul’s passage for elevation and communication with the Beings of Light!

What you'll learn

Be attuned to Pleiadian Reiki and Orion’s Light Ray! Learn 2 new Master Symbols! Learn an Ascension Symbol! Learn Meditative Practices to awaken your Kundalini Energy & activate your DNA! Come in connection and communication with Spiritual Guides & Celestial Protectors! Travel to holy places of Orion & Pleiades through Guided Meditations! Be able to teach this upgrade to others! Perceive, experience & access higher dimensional planes from the 4th to the 7th dimension.


You need to be a practitioner or master of any Reiki system.


In this course you shall experience the unique combination of the Orion’s Light Ray with the Pleiadian Reiki, an attunement created and offered to us, by the Supreme beings of Light and the Ascended Masters, who brought into revelation the blessings and gifts of these energies, as well as the wisdom, the sacred knowledge and the information included in this course.

The energy of the Violet Ray of Orion Light Ray combined with the Pleiadian Reiki, creates a re-coding in the human DNA ~ Divine components that integrate the human ones, leading the individual to perceive, experience and access higher dimensional planes from the 4th to the 7th dimension.

This upgrade is constituted by two separated levels and in this first level you’ll receive all basic information and knowledge, your first initiation to the unique combination of these two energies and two new Master Symbols to use in your healings and in your meditative practices.

You will also receive an Ascension Symbol, which will help you with your Soul’s elevation and help you come into connection and communication with Spiritual Guides and Celestial Protectors.

You will learn two meditative practices, which will help you with the activation of your DNA and the awakening of your Kundalini Energy and you will also experience two guided meditations, through which you will travel to the holy places of Orion and Pleiades, where you will come into connection with your personal Pleiadian Guides and your Orion’ Counsellor, who shall provide to you, unique gifts and blessings, created specifically for you, based on your Soul’s nature, your Soul’s purpose and your life’s overall situation, as it is in this present moment.

This Reiki practice requires perseverance and desire for success, as will, is the real key to access knowledge and ascension towards the divine. Attachments area

Cost: R2900

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