Psychic Development Workshop

What is the Third Eye chakra.

How to activate the Pineal Gland and tips to decalcify it.

How to activate the Ajna 3rd Eye Chakra.

How to awaken your 'Second Sight'.

How to see Auras.

How to develop your inner vision to see beyond the illusion.

What is the third eye and the pineal gland.

Techniques to open the third eye.

How meditation can help to open the third eye.

What crystals and gemstones to use to open your third eye.

Foods that aid the third eye.

Increase your psychic ability by clearing and awakening your third eye chakra.

The ancient Hindus understood that the world of matter is but an illusion which they called Maya, because it blinds us from our ability to see beyond the parameters of time and space. This is why Yogis work to open up the Ajna / 3rd Eye Chakra by activating the kundalini, and getting the pineal gland to secrete it's nectar - Amrita.

When you have access to this primary ( mystical ) natural ability, then it opens up your psychic channels of extra sensory perception (ESP). These mystical powers, known as ESP - include clairvoyance (remote viewing), telepathy (mind to mind communication), and precognition (seeing things before it happens).

Cost: R2900

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