Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Journeying

Soul Retrieval...& Shamanic Journeying

Soul Retrieval is an ancient healing process undertaken by a Healer specifically trained in Shamanic Healing and who is able to enter and navigate the realms of altered states of consciousness for the purpose of retrieving detached parts of the pure essence / life force / energy of the Client. The Client may choose this healing process when there is a strong feeling of loss of personal power and inability to achieve and maintain a state of health and wellness through other forms of healing. This loss of personal power is attributed to these detached parts of pure essence / life force which have splintered off due to past, and possibly unknown, trauma in the person’s life. In this state, this detached essence / life force does not form part of the Client’s personality and neither does it hold any of the emotional pain of the original trauma. It is pure life force energy.

With its effected return and re-integration with the Client, the original trauma that caused the part of the soul / life force to seek refuge in altered states of consciousness can now heal at a very deep level with the subsequent restoration of the Client’s personal power. Soul Retrieval can be done in person or via distance healing.

Shamanic Journeying.

Shamanic Journeying is a technique used by Shamans. By allowing a person to symbolically journey, they will hear and feel various things. A Shaman guides a client through their journey, with aid of a Shamanic Medicinal Frame Drum or Shamanic Rattle, the Clients Perception, clarity, and understanding deepen with each journey. A client will develop a keener sense of awareness to emotions, feelings, and will learn how to accept what they see along each journey.

Levels of Consciousness and shaminism.

Shamanism is based on the belief that a person can connect to the spirit world by engaging in an ecstatic trance. This process transcends the traditional ideal of reality and once a person is journeying, the shaman is able to draw incredible knowledge and healing power from within the depths of their being. There are three realms, or levels of inner consciousness, the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds. These inner realms were within us since creation and we are not responsible for their existence, however, Shamanism believes we discovered them. The realms are held together in an unconscious world and are part of the fabric of our psyche, leaving our acceptance of them up to our free will.

The Shamanic journey involves traveling within oneself for the purpose of consultation and therapy. This is a profound way to conduct an internal conversation and to ascertain vital information. This inner being is in constant contact with all levels of our consciousness. The Shamanic Journey believes that once within, a person will find the answers to all of their questions, good and bad. During the journey, a person goes beyond their own awareness. Oftentimes people will describe seeing various lights, and these can be interpreted in different ways. There are many different types of Shamanic Journey's as are the reasons for wanting a Shamanic Journey. Meeting A Power Animal, A Spirit Guide, A Guardian Angel, or meeting A Spirit Teacher Guide, A Deceased Love One, asking for a Healing or Guidance from one's Spirit Helpers - Spirit Team, A Power Re-Treaval or A Soul Re-Treaval Ceremony / Journey. Asking for clarity on one's life path or journey. Anything is possible with a Shamanic Journey. A Shamanic Journey can be done one on one or in a group.

Cost R500 per session

Shamanic Medicinal Frame Drum

Shamanic Training - Initiations

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