Violet Flame Reiki

This course will certify you as a Master of Violet Flame Reiki.

This energy system was conceived and created by Ivy Moore (2002)

Minimum requirement, already be a level 2 Usui Reiki, but it is recommended to have the third level of Usui Reiki, to be a Reiki Master

This particular system, Violet Flame Reiki, consists of four levels.

Ivy Moore channeled the symbols of this reiki while meditating on Quan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy.

Quan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion, she is the symbol of unconditional love, a motherly figure who spreads love everywhere and to everyone.

This reiki is particular, based on compassion, and it can heal deeply, affecting your deepest feelings.

It is a particular energy that you’ll love to discover.

It fits perfectly into any type of holistic therapy.

You will get the necessary attunements, you’ll learn the theory and you’ll learn how to attune your future students at all four levels of Violet Flame Reiki.

Are you ready to learn more and more powerful and effective energy methods?

Are you ready to step up the level in your spiritual evolution?

Who this course is for:

Everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge about Reiki

Everyone who wants to become a clearer energetic channel of increasing power in the light.

Everyone who wants to enrich their curriculum of holistic practices

Everyone who wants to embark on a spiritual journey

Everyone who is in search of effective methods of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual auto-healing

Everyone who wants to learn an effective, quick and extremely powerful energetic method

Level 1-4 Masters Teachers Level

Cost: R2900

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