Om Chanting

Om Chanting

OM Chanting is an ancient group healing technique that uses the cosmic vibration of OM for healing humanity and Mother Earth.

We are all needed to make a change, to help turn around the imbalances whether they are in ourselves, our families, our society or our environment. As more and more people join the OM Chanting groups around the world, the healing and sacred energy of OM will naturally embrace, transform and expand our lives and existence as we know it. We heal ourselves and at the same time we perform a great service for our world! OM Chanting helps to heal people and the surrounding on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

History and extra info on Om Chanting

The origin of OM healing is thousands of years old.

It comes from ancient times in which mankind was more connected to a higher wisdom and living in harmony with the universe. The rishis (the ancient sages and sources of the Vedic scriptures) of that time used this powerful primordial vibration of OM to bring about healing to their fellowmen and all sorts of imbalances in people and nature. Mahavatar Babaji, the timeless yogi and source of Kriya Yoga, known to the west foremost through the internationally known book “Autobiography of a Yogi”, reintroduces OM healing to the world through his direct disciple Sri Swami Vishwananda. At this current stage of humanities growth Mahavatar Kriya Babaji has provided a trans formative yoga system, called Atma Kriya. OM healing is part of this powerful system. Whilst Atma Kriya is practiced individually, OM healing is practiced in groups and brings transformation and healing for all people and the world.

Mahavatar Babaji

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda

How does OM Chanting work?

The cosmic vibration of OM aligns all the vibrations within us, which are out of harmony with the resonance of OM. By chanting OM within a specifically arranged group of people, the healing power is enhanced and amplified. Entering into this vibration, we facilitate the releasing of emotions, thoughts and negative energy, thereby bringing about healing.OM Healing has a combined effect of not only balancing and healing all the people within the group, but everywhere within the surrounding area, people and animals living in the vicinity, buildings and nature.

The trans formative process is being enabled by the collective higher consciousness of the group. A channel is formed between that higher consciousness and the participants, in which the vibration of OM flows into and around the whole group. As a result, different energies – like fear, tension, pride - are released and purified. Healing effortlessly takes place and the aura of the participants turns to pure light.

A special blessing of Mahavatar Kriya Babaji is present wherever certified OM healing groups are formed in accordance with his guidance and teachings.

OM Chanting is an ancient group healing technique that has been brought back by Mahavatar Babaji to help restore balance and unity in people and the world. More then 500 OM Healing groups world wide come regularly together to chant the cosmic sound of OM as a healing support for Mother Earth, for themselves and the whole of humanity.

On a personal level OM Healing can balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Emotions are released and inner peace and love arise. It leads to a more joyful life and supports our health and our meditation practice.

Sound and vibration are the essence of creation. OM is the primordial sound creating and pervading the whole universe. The sound OM belongs to all humanity, to all nations and to all religions.

By resonating the sound of OM within a specific formation of people, healing processes can be amplified through aligning the vibrations. Like waves created by a stone thrown into water the vibrations of the sound OM ripple into the surroundings. These vibrations can be beneficial to the participants and also reach other people, places and life situations. Universally OM Chanting can help uplift the environment and create harmony and unity within man and nature.

The world needs people who are willing to contribute to the change. It is time to realize the potential within and to share it with the whole world.

During Om Chanting, participants chant Om in their own time and at their own comfortable pitch. The Om chant becomes continuous and without fracture and has an extremely powerful effect on the group and surrounding area. Family, friends, pets, the earth and nature may be 'brought' into the circle for healing by the participants by means of visualization.

Atma Kriya Om Chanting is one of the techniques of Atma Kriya, a practice which concerns the love relationship between us and the divine. Atma Kriya is one of the most powerful and quickest means of attaining union with the divine through the upliftment of limited, human consciousness.

The aim of the Om Chanting

*To create a powerful healing vibration which can assist in supporting the body's healing process.

*To support all levels of being, i.e. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

*To transform the aura into light.

*To assist spiritual growth.

*To uplift the vibration of the group and surrounding environment.

*To transform negativity into positivity.

*To experience mystical sound.

Free of charge. Donations welcome. If you would too experience an Om Chanting at your house, get three or more friends or family members to attend. Contact me to arrange time and date.

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Om Chanting Hout Bay - Haritilak Das / Alan Lipschitz and Dhiren Das / Carl van Vuuren

Om Chanting Cape Town - Goodwood / Dhiren Das / Carl van Vuuren

Om Chanting Cape Town - Goodwood / Dhiren Das / Carl van Vuuren

Om chanting hout bay 07-11-2016 / Dhiren Das - ChakraDhara